A Brilliant Collection of Digital Artworks

Discovered by a leading professor of art and with two acclaimed exhibitions to his credit, the first published collection of digital art by Sam Mudd is now available for purchase through bookshops, Amazon.com, and through this website (see the Book Store). The book, titled ‘You Need This’, is published by Bannister Publications Ltd, at £12.99; ISBN 978-1-909813-24-7.

Keith McIntyre, Professor of Fine Art and Head of Department of Arts at Northumbria University writes in the Preface to the book: “I had never experienced anything like the work produced that day by this young artist. It is testimony to Sam Mudd’s energy and artistic attitude that he has to date produced two significant exhibitions of original new work. This from a young man who was told by an art teacher at the local high school that he could not draw. And yet, drawing as a vehicle for articulating a highly personal vocabulary of motifs and complex concepts lies at the very heart of his practice.”

All art is personal, yet few artists can present a body of work that is as intensely revealing of the inner workings of the mind as does this collection of unique and compelling images created by Sam Mudd. In this selection of images the artist charts his aesthetic evolution and mental journey, observed from his inner struggles with autism and mental illness, and from his external perception of modern society and the human condition.

His art emulates the polemic and dynamic of the street artist in images that reveal a raw natural talent and flare for his craft. Sam offers a new way of producing, viewing and interpreting art inspired by a sense of community and openness for all, at times provocative, yet demanding our reflection and consideration. Having seem Sam’s work, Professor McIntyre concluded:

“In all my years of working in art school studios with talented emerging students I had never experienced anything like the work produced that day by this young artist.”


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