Dangerous Obsession

In his new suspense novel ‘Dangerous Obsession‘, author Ron Lawson transports the reader to Australia and to the sinister lives of  a family destroyed by greed. The main character, Alex Webster, is a  true-grit Aussie businessman who has built his multi-million-dollar empire in the country’s commercial heart in the city of Melbourne. Determined that his many enterprises, his great wealth and his success should remain in his family, he is bitterly disappointed to discover that his two sons show little interest in following in their father’s footsteps.

As an act of retribution, Alex disinherits his sons, but his anger brings profound consequences. His sons react in very different ways to the loss of the fortune that they believed would be theirs.

Alex cannot escape the malign influence that money wreaks on the human condition. Drugs, crime, revenge and despair find easy targets in an obsession that proves to be both alarming and hazardous.

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