Malcolm Cowper, author of Derbyshire’s Unsung Heroes, will be at Waterstones Bookstore in Vicar Lane, Chesterfield, on Saturday 31 May, from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Malcolm will be accompanied by Dorothy Walker, whose wartime experience was vividly portrayed in the book. Dorothy, a long-standing Chesterfield resident, is one of the few who are still living, nearly 75 years after the start of WW2.

She remembered the air raids, rationing, and working on local farms alongside German and Italian prisoners of war.

For some time, her family housed an evacuee from London’s East End. “He’d never slept in a proper bed and needed a good scrub in the bath,” recalled Dorothy. “He couldn’t read or write but he knew enough to cheat my Mum over the change from errands he used to run for her!”

Both Malcolm and Dorothy will be happy to sign copies of the book, purchased on the day.

Dorothy Walker (on left) helping with the harvest in 1941

Dorothy Walker (on left) helping with the harvest in 1941

31-Dorothy Walker - helping with the harvest 1941 - D on left-GS

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