The publication of Alfie’s Story in 2014 marked the start of a great partnership between author Sue Wilkins and her illustrator, Liz Furness. Alfie’s Story has sold many hundreds of copies and the book, and the characters, are already much-loved by children.

We are therefore delighted to announce the publication of a new book in this developing series, Fearless Flynn. Remember the little mouse in Alfie’s Story?

Alfie's Story - Name That MouseThis cheeky little fellow is the central character in the new book, Fearless Flynn. He was named by seven-year-old Matthew Mason of Middlesbrough, who won a ‘Name That Mouse’ competition. Matthew’s name is printed in the front of the new book.

The new book tells the story of Fearless Flynn, “A brave mouse, naughty but nice, and all his friends, the other mice”.

Liz Furness has drawn some amazing pictures that adorn all 32 pages of the book (published at the same size as Alfie’s Story – 240mm x 240mm). Her imagination is wonderful and and the quality of her work is outstanding.

The new picture-story book will appeal to children in the 3-7 year age bracket. It makes a superb book for adults to use as a bed-time story that will be asked for again and again. The text is simple, arranged in rhyming couplets and so makes it a useful book for those children just learning to read.

We are sure that you’ll enjoy it!