Listening to Linnie


We have five wonderful senses to navigate the world.

To hear a child’s first cry or the softest whisper; the touch of a lover,the scent of fresh-washed linen;
the taste of newly-picked strawberries – and sight.

For, to see is to believe.

Five senses … Paola Green has six.

Like Paola Green, the heroine of this novel, Sue Pacey trained as a nurse in the 1960s, going on to become a midwife. As a result of a long career in the NHS, she has many stories to tell.

The book takes the reader into the daunting experience of nursing training and into the lives of those who looked for escape from the discipline of training and subsequent practice in loves, laughter and sorrow. We experience the joys of successful operations and the  terrors of the hospital morgue … and we discover Paola’s secret, Linnie, her sixth sense.

Sue Pacey delights in being a country girl, born and bred. She lives near Chesterfield with husband, Stephen, and three extremely lazy cats. She is an enthusiastic grow-your-own gardener, bee-keeper and avid wildlife watcher. Sue still works in the area as a midwife and, somehow, still finds time to write.

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