The Mulberry Fugue

‘The Mulberry Fugue’, by Heather Shaw is a why-dun-it? We rarely understand the complex reasons behind the actions of others. This story brings together four characters whose lives intersect on Romney Marsh, a place where wetland becomes field, field becomes coast. Each of them must deal with the past before the past deals with them.

For the past five years, Heather’s writing has found a home with the Holymoorside and Walton Arts Festival. ‘Yarns and Whims’, her drama about links between Holymoorside’s history and the tin miners of Cornwall, was produced in 2010. The following year, in collaboration with a group of local writers, ‘Seasonings’ was written and staged. After the Arts Festival helped launch ‘Brushstrokes’, Heather’s collection of short stories in 2012, she returned to the idea of writing a novel.

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