Pasta and Plantains now shipping from the USA

David Markay’s book, ‘Pasta and Plantains’ has been very well received by readers in the UK and abroad, notably in Italy, where David gathered the material for the book. A Methodist pastor, David and his wife Kristin spent seven years as ministers to two inter-cultural congregations in Milan, Italy, from 2004 to 2011.

David also has a strong following in the USA – he is a US citizen and a graduate of Duke University, North Carolina. He now lives in in England, in Dronfield, serving on the Sheffield circuit of the Methodist Church in Britain.

In order to better serve our US customers who wish to buy David’s book, we are now able to supply ‘Pasta and Plantains‘ from a US address . All that US buyers have to do is to click HERE and let us know how many copies they would like to buy. We’ll reply with further information on shipping and payment (in US$) and we’ll get the book to you, fast!

Please note that this arrangement applies only for buyers in the USA. All other buyers should use the link on the ‘Book Store’ page.


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