Typing  for Manuscripts

pencil32We always prefer to receive text as a digital file in Word, set out and formatted as described here. However, some authors prefer to submit typed manuscripts, often a biography or a story… Read more

Content Advice

comment32Unless you have published books before, you will need advice on the text and any supporting illustrations and photographs. An important feature of working with Bannister Publications…Read more

Commissioning Specialist

glitter32Drawn illustrations for the internal pages of a book are normally provided by the author. All that is necessary for us to do is to ensure that they are scanned or photographed to ensure…Read more

Editing Advice & Support

spanner32Authors always need editors. Even the very best authors rely on their editor to offer critical advice on the text and supporting material. We offer three levels of editing support…Read more


Note on Autobiographies

notepencil32An autobiography exposes the author to his/her readers and invites their judgement on the writer. It must be as good as the author and the editor can make it, and it must show the author…Read more

Proof Reading

papercheck32Where texts have been edited and revised drafts have been exchanged, it is not often necessary to undertake a separate proof read. The publishing process allows several opportunities…Read more

Design and Book Binding

arrow32We will design your book so that it best presents your text and images, on pages that are sized for clarity and visual appeal. We will recommend the choice of paper stock for text and images…Read more

Printing and Delivery

gear32We use printing companies that we know will offer high quality work at the best price. We manage all aspects of printing, including the technical aspects of copy submission and proofing for colour fidelity…Read more

ISBNs & Database Listing

star32We will allocate an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your book. This is a unique number that identifies your book. We will list the book and its ISBN on the UK’s National Book Database…Read more

Copyright and Legal Deposits

linedpapercheck32The author holds the copyright to the book, and this is stated clearly in the forematter, like this: First published in Great Britain in 2013 by…Read more

Marketing & E-Sales Support

risegraph32We will: Advise on the book selling price, Circulate press releases to appropriate media, Notify local library services of the new publication, Include one book promotion entry in Reflections Magazine…Read more

Production & Marketing of E-Books.

bargraph32It is a common fallacy that creating an e-book is a simple process. Books with text only and without complex formatting are most suitable for conversion from print to e-book format…Read more