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Drawing from her personal experience as a practising vet in the Peak District, Lorna vividly chronicles some of the most compelling moments from her career in the local veterinary practice.


When you enter the world of The Peak District Vet, you’ll share Lorna’s captivating, amusing and evocative anecdotes; you’ll experience some of the most stunning and remote landscapes; you’ll encounter the most unpredictable and harsh weather conditions; and you’ll meet the most colourful and full-blooded characters and their equally charismatic animals and pets.


From delivering calves on dark snowy mornings to treating a whole myriad of ailments which beset farm animals and pets, Lorna’s life is enriched with Derbyshire folk and their animals.

The trials and tribulations, the adventures and misadventures, the sad moments, and the happy ones are recorded, with each chapter containing a short story or two within the ongoing narrative of Lorna’s working life.


The book is pleasantly mild and warm to read and Lorna’s style of narration that describes her adventures with the animals and their owners is both fascinating and enthralling.

Lorna: The Peak District Vet

SKU: BP30015
  • Price: £8.99  

    Publisher: Bannister Publications Ltd

    Publish Date: 15th April 2022

    Language: English

    Type: Paperback

    ISBN: 978-1-909813-78-6

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