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Five key questions you should ask yourself before you self publish..
1.Why do I want to publish a book?


This is an important question in deciding how to publish, market and sell your book.


Do you wish to:


  • sell only a few copies to family and friends?

  • sell copies to raise money for a chosen charity?

  • sell your book as part of a commercial venture?

  • get your book noticed by agents and traditional publishers?


Regardless of its purpose, you’ll want your book to be designed and printed professionally. Our minimum print run is typically 100 copies. We are, however, able to support the production of much smaller quantities in certain instances. 


We are able to advise on the selling price and make your book available for sale by order from bookshops and via internet booksellers such as


2.How complete is the book?


We are happy to give early advice on text suitability and story construction if your book is still a work in progress. For a book already written, we can offer advice on revisions.


For illustrated books, we can advise on image selection and formatting, together with guidance on image placement within the book.


3.Which format to choose?


What size of book should you choose? Does hardback present a better option to paperback?  We help our authors navigate through the different choices and assess their suitability and cost.


4.How many copies?


The cost of printing each book, of course, reduces with increasing numbers being printed. Having a clear understanding of the intended market for the book and the approach to selling it will guide you in weighing up the saving enjoyed by a larger print run against a greater financial commitment to initial outlay.

A short initial print run provides the option of order reprints at a later date. We can print any number of books from a single copy upwards with the exception of non-standard sized books with complex binding.


5.How will the book be marketed?


If the book is produced solely for friends and family, there’s no requirement for marketing. In all other instances, however, you will want your book to reach as many readers as possible. Our ‘go to market’ strategy will help you determine:

·      your target audience 

·      how they might best be reached 

·      how best to use social media

Post-publication sales support

The Publisher will make the book available for sale via internet orders (including and bulk sales to wholesale/retail booksellers, normally for a period of one year from the date of publication. Continuing support will thereafter be subject to agreement by the parties.

Learn more about Bannister Publications’ support at every step of the self publishing process. 

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