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By the time they meet as twenty something's, Lisa and Jason have both perfected their image as carefree, confident and successful young people, skilfully hiding their shattered dreams and heartbreak.


Their blossoming friendship transports them on a voyage of self discovery, until the day they fly into Bologna, caught in the grip of a sizzling heatwave and disaster strikes once more.


As they plummet into an abyss of despair they're forced to reach deep inside themselves, right to their very core, eventually revealing their deepest secrets to each other and changing their lives for ever. 


A heartwarming story of triumph over adversity. Never give up on your dreams.

Someday x

SKU: BP2201
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  • Author: Deborah Young 

    ISBN: 978-1-909813-80-9

    Dimensions: 216 x 135mm 

    No of pages: 387

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