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The individuals and businesses we work with cover the whole spectrum of reasons to publish a book.  They include celebrating the life of an extraordinary family member, sharing passion for a hobby, raising awareness of a particular issue, sharing information, or simply writing for friends and family.


The desired outcomes are equally as diverse. It may be hoped that the book will make money for the author, his or her business or indeed a chosen charity. On the other hand, success for many is dictated not by the financial proceeds from the sale of a book but by the satisfaction of seeing work - very often years in the making - finally take physical form. 


Bannister Publications’ flexible approach can be tailored to all book forms:


  • Novels

  • Military stories and memoirs

  • Local histories

  • Art Books

  • Cookbooks

  • Children’s books

  • Poetry

  • Guidebooks

  • Autobiographies

  • Life stories

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