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Why publish your book with Bannister Publications?

You’ve written a book or you’re in the process of doing so. The next stage is getting your labour of love into print.


Self-publishing can be hugely rewarding. As the author, you have ultimate control of every step of the publishing process in a way you wouldn’t with a traditional publisher. If you’re new to self-publishing or have had a bad experience with another publisher in the past, however, it can be daunting. 


Choosing a trusted and experienced publishing house presents the perfect opportunity to combine your autonomy as author with publisher expertise. 


Derbyshire-based Bannister Publications is a highly-regarded regional publishing institution. There are a number of reasons why we’re the publishing partner of choice for local authors:


  • Local network: Our 30-year experience of publishing has allowed us to build strong and longstanding local connections

  • Reputation: as the publishers of Derbyshire’s largest circulation lifestyle magazine Reflections, we have a well-established platform that can help to promote your book. Read more about the Story of Bannister Publications 

  • Breadth of experience: we have supported writers, authors, photographers, artists and others, all with varying levels of experience, to get their work published in a professional manner, in a variety of finished book forms

  • Personal service: as a family run business, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and attentive service

  • Quality: our editing and design services are highly regarded and we only work with printers who serve the UK’s major publishing houses 

  • Value for money: we are able to produce runs of small books at comparatively low prices

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