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We offer a private book publishing service delivering a high quality product. Our editing and design services are highly-regarded and our printers also serve the major publishing houses around the UK.

" Modern production technology means we can produce small runs of books at comparatively low prices."

Publishing Editor, Tom Blyth

Private publishing affords an opportunity for writers, authors, photographers, artists and others, regardless of experience, to get their work published in a professional manner, in a variety of finished book forms. We have published novels, military and local histories, children’s books, poetry, guidebooks, autobiographies and life stories. Private publishing is particularly suitable where the work is aimed at local interest, or simply where individual wishes to commit a body of work to permanent, printed form.

Self-publishing has matured in recent years to become a major element of the UK publishing industry. It is increasingly viewed as a respectable approach for authors, not a personal vanity. The reasons for choosing to self-publishing might a desire to be more widely read; a hope that the book will be picked up by a ‘traditional’ publisher; the wish to publish for a small audience that a commercial publisher will not find profitable; the personal fulfillment of one’s hobby; publishing for family and friends; publishing as part of a business venture; or a wish to make money from writing.

These and many others are all perfectly valid reasons for an author to consider financing the publication of their own book.

Our services are tailored to meet individual requirements and can include any or all of the following:

  • Advice on manuscripts, illustrations, photographs and art work
  • Typing services for manuscripts
  • Commissioning specialist art work for internal illustrations and book covers
  • Full editing advice and support
  • Copy editing and proof reading
  • Full layout and design services
  • Printing and delivery
  • ISBNs and National book listing
  • Copyright and Legal deposits
  • Local marketing and national e-sales support
  • Production and marketing of books in e-book format for Kindle etc.

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The desire to ‘write a book’ often eclipses the ultimate purpose of doing so. But if you can be clear about your motives and your ambitions for the book, it will help in the decisions that you’ll need to make about how the book will be published, marketed and sold.
Tom Blyth
Bannister Publications
I must express a huge ‘Thank You’ yet again to you, Tom. The books have been excellent and the publicity for The Island Sanctuary was superb - I could not have asked for better.
Robert Alan-Haven
Thank you again, Tom, for all your good work. The book has received many compliments for design and quality. I was also so pleased to see the lovely review you did of my book. Thank you - it was so well-written and enticing! I have now sold over half of what we had printed, which is quite good so soon after publication.
Robert Alan-Haven
I thought you'd like to know that Waterstones in Chesterfield is stocking my book, and I saw it there in pride of place near the desk. I've received an extremely complimentary letter from the writer Emma Smith, whose book As Green as Grass has recently been published by Bloomsbury. I must say it is very encouraging.
Kate Clark
Chile in My Heart

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